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black space is a design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. In additional to being a client based studio providing communications, branding and social media services, black space is also a resource and inspiration library.

black space - design for dreamers and doers

for the doers

Effective communication that connects with your audience is not just what you say, it’s also how you say it. black space is here to help you look your best in your communications so you can focus on what you love to do. Whether you would like one-on-one support through black space’s services or prefer DIY design using resources on the blog, black space is here to help. Together we can find the X – that sweet spot in communications where functional design and quality content meet – and create communications that share your story easily and effectively.

for the dreamers

As much as fun as marking off the to-do list is, black space is a big advocate of taking time to dream. Sometimes inspiration speaks only in a whisper, so that time for dreaming when we allow ourselves to hear it is important and different for each of us. You might find your inspiration singing in the shower, running in the sunshine or listening to Ted talks while doing housework (guilty, guilty and guilty!), or you might find it through social media and online. Here at black space you’ll find art and products that have been created to help others through inspiring them or supporting them as they chase their own inspiration.

Natalie Barnes, black space design

black space is the design studio of multi-disciplinary creative, Natalie Barnes. Natalie is an artist and maker of useful, inspiring and beautiful things.

Natalie started her creative life as a child, studying dance, music and languages before falling in love with photography. After studying overseas, Natalie began working as an interpreter in her late teens but it wasn’t long before the desire to pursue an artistic career took over and Natalie moved from her childhood home to Melbourne.

Fast forward a decade and Natalie was living in Sydney, working in the corporate world of finance creating communications and events. In 2007, Natalie decided to leave it behind and returned to Melbourne, the city that she now calls home.

Since stepping away from the corporate world, Natalie has taken the opportunity to be creative her own way and established black space to create a studio that brings art and communications together in a meaningful and inspired way.

Natalie has worked in corporate and community roles doing digital and print communications, web design, social media and events. Natalie’s experience extends across multiple creative areas including web and graphic design, photography, communication design, social media design and management, blogging and event design, promotion and management.

Natalie continues to be personally creative, as a Bunurong Trawlwoolway artist who enjoys embracing her traditional culture and country on her personal blog, and as publisher of a family lifestyle blog.

it’s nice to meet you

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss working together or just have a chat, you can reach Natalie via the contact page, on email at hello@blackspacedesign.com or on social media.